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Ā A fabulous piece to honour your sacred space.Ā 
A New Myth for a New Millennium
This lovely figure of the living Earth has Her own voice. And if you live with Her in your home, workplace, school, or place of worship, She will speak to you, too. Her message is clear:

We are becoming overwhelmed by the escalating environmental crises all around us. The a destruction of the rain forests and the pollution of the seas worldwide.

The problems are so vast and the politics of greed and corruption are so complex that it will truly take a miracle to transform such global destruction. The only thing that can save us is a total and electrifying change of consciousness. Nothing short of a worldwide realization of our planetary awareness will move us as a planetary people to a new way of living, to sustain and heal our Mother, the Earth.

This exquisite figurine, The Millennial Gaia, brings our new evolving consciousness of the Earth into a physical form. She is an invitation to each and every human being to enter consciously into the myth and story of the living Earth and to respond to Her as our Mother, as the larger being of which we are all part. No matter what language you speak, no matter where on Earth you come from, you can hold The Millennial Gaia in your hands and hear Her message.

Even small children intuitively know Mother Earth or Mother Nature. She is the oldest and most universally worshiped religious icon in all of human experience. Her images and figurines date back to over 30,000 years ago, and are found all over the Eurasian continent from Spain to Siberia.
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